Your Business, Your Labels: Grazer, Consumer, Guest

What labels do you give the people who visit your business? The ones who hand you money in exchange for products or services? tumblr_lph0u1p8bi1qfvq9bo1_500 In the fast-food industry's parlance, we are grazers. More like the cattle most of them are serving us on mass-produced buns than like individuals for whom they should show caring and affection.

Does your business have employees? Or are the people who work together in your employ team members? Are they there holding down a job, or are they actively involved in working together to advance the business?

"Service them well and hold their custom, for you'll have none of mine!"

Judge Turpin, Sweeney Todd

Are the people who walk through your door customers? Not bad -- that's someone who'll buy something from you.

Labels abound. How about these:

  • Visitors, who come and overstay their welcome and leave you holding the bag?
  • Browsers, who wander aimlessly, touching everything but purchasing nothing?
  • Shoppers, who will haggle with you for the best possible price with no concern for the longevity of your business and what its loss might mean to them?
  • How about your target market, walking around with bulls-eyes on them?

Or are they guests, to be made welcome and pampered with no expectation of anything in return?

Even the parlance of our government refers to the Consumer Price Index and Consumer Confidence, as if our role as citizens was to consume and consume without producing anything of value.

Words matter. Labels matter. Call someone a grazer long enough and it you can't help but affect how you view them.

What does your industry, your business, call its staff and its customers?