Idea: SCUBA Startup In Death Valley

I recently had a friend tell me he had a fantastic idea for a new software product. He wanted to create a new startup around that business idea, and only had to save up enough money to move to the San Francisco Bay area in order to launch his startup. Scuba FishWhy do so many budding entrepreneurs believe they have to go where the action is to be successful?

Why is the bay area the only place where software startups happen?

Why does finance have to be done on Wall Street?

Why is federal contracting centered around the DC beltway?

Russell Conwell's Acres of Diamonds speech tells the story of a man who searched everywhere for riches only to learn too late that great wealth was buried beneath his very home, had he only been willing to look hard for it right where he was.

It's tempting to go chasing the success of others and to want to play in their sandboxes, but what about the acres of diamonds in our own back yards? Is there any reason why your business idea can't be made to work right where you are if you apply a little creativity?

Ben Milne started the payment system Dwolla in Des Moines, Iowa, far from the glitter of silicon valley. In fact, he started it just miles from corn fields. I know. I grew up there.

Dave Ramsey didn't go to Wall Street to start his financial services empire. He did so from the comfortable home he found in the suburbs of Nashville.

Why not start a SCUBA school miles from the ocean where the competition is less and demand higher? Be creative! Mine the resources all around you and stop looking through binoculars at far-distant shores.

So what idea have you been waiting to solve geographically that you could instead start right now, in the diamond mines all around you?