Homeostasis: For Internal Use Only

My friend Chris's daughter is sick. Really sick. I mean the kind of sick you pray never happens to a loved one in your family, and when you hear about it happening to someone you care about, you can't stop praying for them and everyone they love. Just in her twenties, she developed a bleed in her brain and had to be flown to a hospital where she's still recovering, in critical condition almost a week after the incident.

The Stethoscope

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When I was studying to become a paramedic, I learned about something called homeostasis. It's the body's natural desire and effort to remain in its most optimal state. Everything in balance. Ideal pH, ideal blood pressure, ideal heart rate, oxygen saturation in the blood, glucose levels, and so on.

Your body is working at all times to maintain homeostasis. When we are ill, it's our body's primary goal to return to homeostasis.

And Chelsea's body is working hard to also achieve homeostasis again.

How can that be a bad thing?

For Internal Use Only

Internally, it's not bad at all.

But externally? If we accept things the way they are, then we've achieved homeostasis externally as well as internally.

There's nothing more to strive for. No more goals. No more sights to see, nothing to drive us on. Just going through the motions each and every day.

Sounds just peachy.

But isn't there a little of that in all of us? We set big goals for ourselves. We see the businesses we want to build, the things we want to achieve, but how many of us take the steps to achieve those goals?

To build those businesses?

To step out in risk and fear and take the hard steps necessary to grow and change and propel ourselves to the next level?

What Preserves Inside, Hurts Outside

Chelsea SmithExternal homeostasis is trying to keep us where we are.

What preserves you on the inside is holding you back on the outside.

Recognize it.

Be aware of it.

Don't let it win.

Oh, and one more favor? Please pray for Chelsea.