Also, The Bridge Is Out Ahead

I love this sign. How much care and concern its posting shows for passers-by who might have otherwise accidentally cut themselves on the sharp edges? And, being exposed to the elements like that, I'm sure tetanus shots would have been required for anyone who discovered the hard way that those edges can cut. Sure was nice of someone to save us that pain, right?


Oh yeah, and the bridge is out ahead.

Sweating the Small Stuff

How often do we spend 90% of our time, effort and attention on things that just don't matter much?

And when that much of our time is devoted to the nonessential, how much is left for the really important details? Can we even see the important details any more?

I know that I feel like I'm often crossing a river, slogging through the mud, just trying to get to some mythical other bank where I can haul myself up on the grass and heave a sigh of relief and rest for a spell. There, I can look back and appreciate the progress I've made. I can look to the sky and enjoy the clouds, the sky, the trees overhead. I can stop panting long enough to hear my kids playing in the yard and having a great old time.

But what if it takes me so long to get there that I miss all that? What if it's dark and the clouds are gone? What if my kids are grown up and gone?

When's the last time you chided the kids for making such a racket without realizing that they were creating their own songs? Or mowed the lawn without taking time to notice the way the sun breaks through the trees, or the just-opened flowers in the bushes out front?

In our daily rush to get so much done, to fill our limited cups with all the essentials, we're missing out on the big picture. As Stephen Covey might have said, we're filling our cups with sand and forgetting about the big rocks.

Your turn: Are you getting caught up in the details and missing the big picture? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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